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Get to the Point!

You Lost Me Right From the Start: Avoiding Communication Turn-offs

Get to the Point

You’re articulate, right? You appreciate and emulate good legal writing. So why do you turn off so many listeners and readers so soon?

In the film “Jerry Maguire,” Renée Zellweger as Dorothy Boyd tells Tom Cruise’s Jerry Maguire, “You had me at hello.” I say, “You lost me right from the start.”Read The Rest

Business Development Tips

Three Quick Ways to Make Networking Part of Your Routine

You’ve heard it hundreds of times: You need to network! If you want to build your client base, get referrals, establish your brand and be a better lawyer, networking is required. But when you’re already busting your tail to bill 1,800 (or more) hours per year, and striving to be involved in your community, stay somewhat healthy, and maintain your personal relationships, networking often falls to the bottom of the list.

Here are three easy ways to make networking part of your routine, so it no longer has to be another dreaded item to check off the list.Read The Rest

Analog Attorney

Perfect Gifts for the Analog Attorney in Your Life

analog attorney perfect gifts

Buying gifts for the analog-leaning attorney in your life might seem like an impossible task. In a digital-forward gadget universe, finding something cool that doesn’t need batteries or a software update is kind of maddening. Get one of these six gifts for your retro-tech friends and they’ll say thanks for such a remarkably thoughtful present. Probably with a handwritten card in perfect cursive.Read The Rest

Well Said!

Not If, But When, Your Fortune 500 Client Goes Out of Business

Well, now, there’s a radical notion, eh? Were you inclined to reject it out of hand as mere headline click-bait? Or did it make you think about that big client from whom you get most of your origination credit and your firm gets so many billable hours? Have you…Read The Rest

Abacus Next Product Spotlight

Your Favorite Law Apps in the Cloud

Cybercrime is quickly chipping away at clients’ trust in how law firms manage and secure sensitive financial data. Some have even launched class action lawsuits in protest. As state bar associations are beginning to clamp down on technology incompetency, you cannot afford to cut corners with safeguarding your clients’ personal data. In fact — as the ABA has indicated — you have an ethical obligation to take reasonable steps to protect that data. That is where Abacus Private Cloud enters the picture.Read The Rest

LawPay Product Spotlight

LawPay Has the Tools You Need to Run Your Business

With LawPay, you get the tools you need to manage earnings and cash flow, and track key financial metrics. LawPay’s new reporting dashboard lets you see where your firm’s payments stand at a glance. Quickly and easily see where revenue is coming from, and view key stats that help you assess cash flow.Read The Rest

Foster Web Marketing Product Spotlight

How to Market Your Law Firm in Today’s Online World

As new technology emerges and new trends take over, how we market our business changes. You have to keep up in order to stay relevant, and all of the moving pieces should work together seamlessly so you can spend more time focused on generating new clients, and less time…Read The Rest